$YCC Token

May 6, 2023

$YCC is a token created by Your Crypto Community on the Bitcoin blockchain based on the BRC-20 standard. Mint SOLD OUT!

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Token Overview

  • Token standard: BRC-20

  • Inscription: #2920771

  • Max supply: 9,000

  • Limit per mint: 9 tokens

  • Mint status: SOLD OUT (100%)

Token use cases

  • $YCC token holders become lifetime Patrons on our Discord community

  • A decentralized market on Bitcoin, buy & sell $YCC tokens at any time

  • Outstanding community members are rewarded in YCC tokens

  • Grants exclusive access to future community projects

Disclaimer: $YCC is an experimental token on the Bitcoin network with no expectation of financial return. Its purpose is to educate members about the Bitcoin ecosystem following the philosophy of learning by doing.

Any questions, message Duo Nine on Twitter or Discord.

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