About YCC

A different type of crypto community that focuses on the person behind the profits first. With over 3,500 members and 45,000 followers, our main objective is to be bullish on your long-term success.

We are centered on our members, their development and capacity to achieve financial independence. Moreover, celebrating success is always more rewarding when you are surrounded by others - hence why this community was created.

Our guiding principles are as follows:

  1. Your life quality is measured by your level of freedom;

  2. Sound money is essential for individual freedom;

  3. Owning Bitcoin gives you unprecedented financial freedom.

It's time to regain your freedom. Welcome!

About Duo Nine - YCC Founder

I bought my first Bitcoin in 2014 and after three crypto cycles, I decided to create YCC to help new crypto enthusiasts just like me in 2014. I grew tired of all the scams and pump & dump crypto communities that had no intrinsic value. So why not create my own community? A safe space to onboard and guide new members to crypto.

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Disclaimer: Everything on this website is provided for educational purposes only and is not financial advice. Buying and selling cryptocurrencies involves substantial risks. YCC takes no responsibility for any losses incurred as a result of the information derived from its website, newsletter, or other channels of communication.

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Duo Nine

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